When my parents would buy toys that took batteries and made obnoxious noise for new parents (namely my cousins), I would shake my head in disapproval, but I didn’t want kids so I didn’t really worry myself with it too much. Flash forward 10 years, and my kid’s favorite noisy toy, gifted by my parents, is driving me nuts.
No problem though, I plan on selling it at the next consignment sale I can sign up to do. Let this horrid, noisy piece of plastic be dome other sap’s headache.
Not so great segue way… I love consignment sales. Who knew you could off load the literally tons of old baby clothes and too young toys? I Iove it. Get a few bucks for stuff my son has outgrown (or I have stepped on/over too many times).
Of course, what I actually love more is the excuse to find extremely cute outfits for every person that has a little girl in my life (using my couple of bucks from selling my kid’s stuff). My sil probably hates me now for filling my nieces’ closets with adorable 50¢ outfits. Thank goodness for friends with new babies.
Better start hiding all the toys I plan on getting rid of to continue my girl clothes shopping addiction.