Ode to my Cuisinart

Thank you chopper, slicer, shredder gizmo
You save me oodles of time
And keep precious veggies from going to waste

But seriously, I would be pretty annoyed right now if I didn’t have my food processor. This time last year, I was making baby food and pesto. This year, I have tons of veggies (from our garden and our CSA share). I am sure many of them would be wasted were I not able to pop a bunch of zucchini into the shredder and mix up zucchini lemon pancakes and zucchini bread. I also just made my first batch of pesto for the season. We have a rampant mint patch that is itching to become mint sugar scrub. With all the tomatoes on the vine, I think we’ll be having lots of salsa and bruscetta. Sounds delicious. Thank goodness I don’t have to chop it all by hand.