You know what kind of day you are in for when you are cleaning teething diarrhea off the floor by 8 AM. I wish that was the worst of it. Little man had his accident while I was in the bathroom tending to my own gi distress,  I found him sitting on the area rug my husband bought in Iraq on his first deployment. I guess it was extra itchy, because he was scratching at his legs and diaper with both hands. And of course, he put his poopy hands in his mouth. Ugh.
Poor, little man. He has at least 4 teeth cutting through, so I am not surprised about his mess.
Luckily, once the carpet had been cleaned off, things calmed down for a few minutes. Long enough for me to go to the bathroom again. This was just enough time for the little scamp to pull the drainage hose out of the back of the dishwasher and get water all over the floor. Now, we’re both slipping on the wet kitchen tiles. He’s splashing happily, while I am trying to shove the hose back in place.
I deemed it nap time after that. Sadly, he will only fall asleep on me, so I am trapped for the next 90 minutes. At some point during nap time,  he peed so much it leaked everywhere.
Lunch went fairly smoothly, so I decided it was time to return some library books. I found out I had forgotten to turn in one of the many kids books back in and had a fine.
We missed story time,  because of the early nap, but it was definitely a necessary sacrifice this week. I think the librarian would have agreed.  It’s a miracle most weeks to get through the 45 minutes with no meltdown.
I spent a few minutes finding books for us to read, while Mr. Curious roamed around the kids area, playing with whatever was within arm’s reach. After the third chase down,  I figured it was better to play at home.
Cut to 45 minutes ago when, I heard a giant crash of a bowl breaking on the kitchen floor.  How’d he get the bowl, you ask? Well, mama didn’t put the child lock back on the cabinet, because she didn’t clean up all the storage containers that got strewn around the kitchen in an earlier incident. 
I come up on my little guy crouching over the broken bowl pieces about to start picking it up. AHHHHH!!!! I scooped him up and stuck him in his high chair.  Is he still there, even though the floor is cleaned and cabinet back in order? Maybe. He seems happy watching Sesame Street (and mama needed a break). Oh, did I mention I cut myself?
It cannot be 5 soon enough.
Is every day like this? No. (Thank goodness.)
Does it mean I didn’t love hearing the super cute yum noises my little man made as he toddled in and out of the kitchen repeatedly for watermelon?
Yeah, I had a pretty bad day, but I wouldn’t trade any of it. There’s almost always a moment that makes all the crap worth it.
So, happy mother’s day to me (and all the other mommys). Hope your day is spill and poop accident free.