Ok, so I had this idea after watching King Corn that we should not be eating corn that was hidden in other stuff. I started doing some research, and I’m discovering that this is ridiculously hard. Apparently they use corn for everything from wax on fruit and dental floss, vanilla, breath spary, burgers, etc. It’s pretty crazy. And not everything is going to clearly say that it contains corn. It’ll have all those super long chemical sounding names that you have no idea what’s in it.

I think that in order to not go crazy or have to make everything from scratch/spend hours shopping that I’ll have to draw some lines. I’m going to have to compromise on some things, because I do not have a food allergy, so it’s really not important for me to skip the corn laced toilet paper. Although, my paper towels are corn free apparently.

I just read something super sad for me, because I love crunchy food and apparently a corn derivative is what makes things crunchy. Boo!
There are some resources out there. I”d suggest watching King Corn if you’re not sure why it’s a big deal.

http://www.cornallergens.com/resources/corn-allergy-stores.php — This is a site from a woman with a corn allergy, so there’s some extensive lists about what does and doesn’t have corn in it (from an allergy perspective)

http://www.culinate.com/mix/dinner_guest?author=4350 — This is one of the guys that did King Corn and decided to take a corn-free challenge. There’s some interesting info.

http://forums.delphiforums.com/avoidingcorn/start — This is discussion board. Lots of questions answered.

http://corn-freefoods.blogspot.com/ — This blog has a pretty extensive list of products that do not contain corn.