I’m really tired of hearing about people being upset about a mosque going in near Ground Zero. I kind of decided that it really didn’t have anything to do with me, so I haven’t really thought too much about it. But this morning, I heard a report about a small church in Florida that has decided to burn a lot of Qur’ans on September 11. This to me sounds like a stunt that the Westbrook Baptist church would pull. I listened to this preacher talking about how “we have to take a stand” and “make a statement” to these extremists. Burning a bunch of Qur’ans doesn’t just make a statement to extremists; it makes a statement to the whole world, which has a lot of Muslims, who aren’t extremists.

I think we’ve been in this cycle of anger for the last ten years. It’s just getting worse as the economy, job loss, housing crisis intensifies. People are angry. I’m angry, but I also know that taking that anger out of a group of people who haven’t done anything to me isn’t the answer. I could be super angry at the middle east as a whole, because I’m the wife of an American soldier. I could blame Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan for taking my husband away from me for years at a time. I could blame George W. Bush for starting a multi-fronted war. I could blame a lot of people, but at the end of the day, none of that blame makes me feel any better.

People are really angry, and they feel the need to blame someone. I guess this Floridian pastor has chosen to blame Muslims. Disrespecting their holy text is obviously the right thing to do in his mind. I don’t know what this man is truly angry about, but I’m pretty sure it has little or nothing to do with Muslims.